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Useful Links


Useful links can be found below.  These sites are free to access.

Free To Access Sites

All sites are free to access and browse.  Refer to my guide the 'Four Pillars of Genealogy' for more guidance. 

Census of Ireland 1851 - 1911


This site is hosted by the National Archives of Ireland and was launched in December 2007, firstly with the records for 1911 and subsequently with the records for 1901.  Records prior to these years are limited.

The site is easy to navigate but a word of caution it is possible that townlands were spelt differently or there may be errors in transcriptions.


Irish Church and Civil Records

This site is hosted by the Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs.   The main body of information contained on the site are registrations of births, deaths and marriages.  The site also allows access to a limited number of church records.  On the home page you can conduct a search which will query the following records, church, civil, census, land, wills, military and emigration.

Irish Church Records

This site is hosted by the National Library of Ireland and if used in conjunction with can prove to be very useful.  The microfilms of births and marriage have recently been digitised and released on a free basis. have indexed the records and provided you have a free account you can access the records from that site.


Irish Land Records

Griffith's Valuation can be found on this site and is searchable by name or by location.  All rural and urban property in Ireland is listed.  This important genealogical record was overseen by Sir Richard Griffith and was published between 1847 and 1864.

The Tithe Applotment Books predate Griffith's Valuation but a word of caution, only land attracting a tax was included meaning that information relating to urban dwellings are excluded.

Not only does the National Archives of Ireland provide wonderful census information, it also provides land records, which are an essential census substitute.  To ensure that Griffith's Valuation was accurate and reliable, a substantial amount of information was collected prior to the printing of the valuation.  This information comprises of the following: Field, House, Tenure and Quarto books and also General notes.  

Other records

Did you know that an Irish mile is 6,720 feet (1,440 feet longer than an English mile)?  ​If you are researching your Irish roots, you will come across certain terms. Most are straightforward, but some require further explanation, click here for me. 



As you research your Irish ancestors you may come across some occupations that you have not heard of before.  All the jobs listed can be found on the 1901 Irish Census.

Genealogical, historical and geographical records by county.  All records are free.

To find more about the history and location of Irish graveyards click here.  If your ancestors are buried in St. Finbarr's, Cork 1864-1896, Dunbullogue, Cork 1896-1901, Ardmore, Waterford 1913-1934 or Tuam, Galway you can search the burial database here.

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