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Land in Griffith's valuation is measured by; statute acre, rood and perch. A statute acre contained 4840 square yards, a rood was ¼ of an acre of 1210 square yards and a perch was 1/40th of a rood containing 30 square yards
A group of civil parishes. Baronies originally related to tuatha, tribal division of old Ireland.
Church Parish
A group of parishes make up a diocese. In Ireland, Roman Catholic Church records are based on these.
Civil Parish
Consist of a number of townlands, generally map to Church of Ireland Parishes.
There are 32 counties in Ireland.
Griffith's Primary Valuation
The valuation was undertaken by Sir Richard Griffith to ascertain the monetary value of all landholdings and buildings in the country for tax purpose.
In Chancery
Lands were considered to be 'In Chancery' when they were under the control of the Law Courts and subject to their judgement. This situation occurred if the lands were in contention between two parties, or if the immediate lessor had died intestate etc.
In Fee
Lands held 'in fee' were freehold tenures, derived from a grant from the Crown.
A section of land with one single physical quality.
The individual or group who owns, leases or rents the holding, and is financially responsible for the taxes levied.
There are 2 types of parish in Ireland, Civil and Church.
Poor Law Union
Introduced in 1838 under the Poor Law Act. Subsequently, between 1838 and 1852, workhouses were built throughout the country, each at the centre of an area known as a Poor Law Union (PLU). At first there were 130 PLUs covering the entire country, but these were expanded to 163 during the course of the Griffith Valuation. These workhouses were generally situated in a large market town.
Poor Law Union
A geographical territory, and early local government unit, in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
Ireland is divided into four provinces (Connaught, Leinster, Munster and Ulster) each made up of a number of counties. For more information.
Quality Lot
The areas of the holding were distinguished, for valuation purposes, by the quality of the soil.
Currency used in Ireland pre decimalisation. 12 pence (d.) = one shilling (s.) and 20 shillings = one pound (£).
A taxable property that is held or possessed for any time period, whether owned, leased or rented for not less than year to year.
The smallest geographical division in Ireland
Valuation Office books
The records ( 1824-1856) which underlie and inform the printed Griffiths Valuation. They contain more information about households and landholding than can be found in the printed version.

Did you know that an Irish mile is 6,720 feet (1,440 feet longer than an English mile)?  ​In addition, an Irish acre is 160 Irish perches each 7 yards square = 7840 square yards, about 1.6198 English (statute) acres).

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